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Quality Control

At Accurate Railroad Construction, we have the highest regard for our standard of work. Our employees are highly skilled workers with proven successful workmanship. Our Senior Foreman will undertake regular onsite inspections of the project. Any unsatisfactory work is noted in order to maintain the utmost quality assurance. Monitoring and controlling of projects along with maintaining constant communication with our customers and employees, is the reason Accurate has maintained long term relationships with its customers.

Monthly Track Inspections

Accurate Railroad Construction has employees trained specifically in Track Inspection Guidelines (TIG) who conduct inspections as required by Transport Canada.

By providing catered preventative maintenance programs, our customers can rely on their infrastructure to maintain their operations safely and incident free while being able to budget for required maintenance and required capital programs.

New Construction and Rehabilitation Programs

Through the acquiring of new equipment, Accurate continues to become more efficient and increase capacity to take on any project and deliver a quality service safely, on time and on budget.


A look at some of the work completedby Accurate Railroad Construction forces.

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Track Construction, Yard Expansions, New Sidings
Switch Construction & Installation
Crossings Rehabilitations
Crossings Rehabilations

Culvert Installations
Culvert Installations
Bridge Construction, Maintenance
Bridge Construction & Maintenance
Thermite Welding, Flash Butt Welding  Joint Elimination
Thermite & Flash Butt Welding & Joint Elimination

Inspections, Maintenance . Call-Outs
Inspections, Maintenance & Call Outs
Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications
Civil Works, Bin Wall Installations, Paving, Grading, Ditching etc.
Civil Works, Bin Wall Installations, Paving







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